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Lessons in Speycasting, all forms of fly casting and successful fishing techniques by Jim Fisher (A.A.P.G.A.I.)

Top class instruction in the art of Speycasting and all forms of fly casting and fishing for Atlantic salmon from Jim Fisher, one of Scotland’s most experienced salmon anglers.

Jim Fisher Salmon Fishing

It has often been said that one lifetime is not enough to learn all there is to know about salmon fly fishing. Bill Currie, renowned angling author, once likened salmon fly fishing (very aptly) to trying to unlock a door to which you had a whole bunch of keys but weren’t sure which was the right key.
The pursuit of salmon can be an expensive sport and it makes a lot of sense to invest in a few hours of professional tuition from an experienced instructor , not only to improve casting skills but also to help unlock the door to successful fishing techniques. The foundation of every consistently successful salmon fly fisher is achieving the skill to cast efficiently and effectively off either shoulder. A smooth, relaxed casting style is not only highly effective in practise but also a source of joy in itself.

Allow Jim to share with you his knowledge gained through many years experience and with tuition help yourself become a more accomplished angler


"Being with any world-class expert is always humbling and rewarding. I have seen the top tennis players and golfers close up over the years and have been amazed by their skill level. The same was true on the river last week and you will be pleased to know that all my expectations were met in terms of new knowledge gained. I now need to get organised to practice and sort out the kit so that I can get going as time permits.
Thanks for your patience with this absolute beginner!"
Allan Laing, Chester.

What a Superb Day
Jim and I had our day out today. Since picking up the salmon rod again 2 years ago I have pretty much wasted that time trying to learn how to cast practising bad technique. It was a revelation to say the least to get some quality tuition.
Jim is the real deal; knowledgeable, patient, precise and good crack. A big thanks for his time and the wonderful hospitality I received I cannot recommend Jim highly enough for tuition if you are serious about improving your game.
Brian Kupris, Oban.

For both of us the day has been our favourite of this trip to date. Your company, expertise and instruction were superb. Chris now just needs the tackle and place to practice. The fish is now being described as between 12 and 15 pounds instead of a simple 12. It has no doubt been growing since its release, so who knows what it will be in the future.
It was special for us. We so enjoyed our time with you, our sincere thanks.
Chris and Carla Carrol, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

It has been a fantastic experience to fish with you over the past three days. It is always exciting to observe an artist at work but you are also an outstanding and sympathetic teacher as well.
I will long cherish the memory of my time here in Scotland. Thank you for all of your efforts.
Dr. Bob Hayes, New York.